Most of the wallpaper websites have thousands of wallpapers but they do not give extra weight for the quality or resolution of the wallpapers. WallpaperSmash is created to provide high quality high resolution wallpapers for free with a great browsing experience so that you don’t get lost while browsing. At WallpaperSmash, you can download wallpapers without worrying about the screen resolution or the wallpaper quality because at WallpaperSmash quality matters instead of quantity.


  • What makes WallpaperSmash different?

- All wallpapers are available in at least 1920 x 1200 resolution and some are available in 2560 x 1600 resolution.
- All wallpapers are handpicked and chosen for the best quality.
- All wallpapers are properly named. Not random numbers.
- Best browsing experience.


  • Why wallpapers are in 16:10 ratio only?

Users don’t have to worry about resolutions anymore. 16:10 wallpapers are the most commonly available resolution and fits other ratios quite well. If your resolution is in other than 16:10 ratio, just set your wallpaper as “fill”.